Creative men talking at networking event

Need some corporate networking event ideas for your upcoming gathering? At Premier Staff, we understand the importance of networking events for establishing professional business relationships, which is why we are committed to helping you pull off a successful event.

We get it – networking events can be uncomfortable and cause sweaty palms and nervous chatter. But who said networking events couldn’t be fun? We believe the best networking events will facilitate an enjoyable atmosphere where guests can get to know one another and form deep connections that might lead to future collaborations or job offers.

Here are four fun networking event ideas to consider.

1. Speaking Engagements 

No matter what industry you’re in, there are always people who can teach you useful knowledge and skills. A great business networking event idea is to have an engaging speaker or speakers discuss a subject relevant to your company. This is a fantastic way to network with peers and learn more about potential career opportunities.

There’s no need to stress about your networking event when you have a solid team backing you up. We provide our clients with an event management team that can encourage networking, keep the event on schedule, and provide an experience where attendees stay engaged.

2. DIY or Activity Workshop 

If listening to a speaker doesn’t sound like your group’s speed and you’re looking to bring all attendees together in an interactive way a workshop or outing can help. There’s an activity to engage every group when it comes to a hands on or outdoor experience. 

For the sports crew, sponsoring a baseball game or a golf tournament can be an opportunity for your team and your clients to network together. It can also be a good way to have fun and destress from office life.

For those more hands on, an arts and crafts workshop is the perfect balance between activity, creativity and conversation. Host an event at a local DIY studio where your team can bond and make their own jewelry, paint a picture, or decorate coffee mugs. 

Whatever you decide, everyone will leave the event with at least a few new contacts and something personal to take home!

When you work with an experienced staffing company like Premier Staff, a team of experts will help you with the planning, make sure all the necessary supplies are on hand, and spark conversation between attendees.

3. Field Day, Picnic Event, Mindfulness Day 

Hosting a sports activity day or mindfulness event is one of the best networking event ideas for young professionals to engage in conversations while staying active. 

During a themed picnic day, team members can enjoy collaborative sporting activities like relay races, dodge ball or freeze tag.

For an event with more down time or relaxation for your team, host a mental health retreat with yoga, a juice bar and medication practices. 

Our team will organize every aspect of your sporting event so that everything goes according to plan. They can help you find the perfect location, create teams, and manage the activity to guarantee a successful and enjoyable event.

Wellness Mocktail Happy Hour 

A happy hour with wellness mocktails is a fun, creative idea for a networking event. There’s no need to have booze at your function when there are tasty, elevated mocktails out there that will make your event memorable! Some mocktail ideas include:

  • Virgin Piña Colada with fresh fruit, blended on the spot.
  • Dark and Stormy with fresh mint, sharp ginger beer, and lots of lime.
  • Apple Cider Sparkler with fresh pressed apple juice and ginger, sparkling apple juice and mulling spice.

Looking for a bartender to mix up creative and delicious mocktails? Our bartenders can serve any mocktail you’d like, offer first-rate bar services, and help make your event come to life.

Need help facilitating the activations of your event? Hire our brand ambassadors to help individuals form strong business relationships and promote your brand with intelligence and charisma.

Contact us today to kickstart your next successful networking event!