Waiters serving wine at a luxurious gathering

It’s no secret that organizing a company party can be intimidating and stressful. However, with a structured mindset and adequate planning, employee satisfaction and retention will improve.

On the day of your next company party, having a dependable group of event staff on your side will give you peace of mind and ensure your event is a success. 

No matter the season, here are four company party ideas that will make your next corporate event unique and unforgettable.

1. Company Holiday Party 

A holiday or Christmas party can take your next company event to the next level. The end of the year often comes with the pressure to meet deadlines and end-of-year goals. A company party idea is your chance to bring in the holiday spirit and increase employee engagement.

Host a secret santa or white elephant gift exchange with your employees and coworkers to spread holiday cheer and make it even more enjoyable. 

Having a professional bartender to make holiday-themed handcrafted drinks can add a special touch to your party that your guests will appreciate. Your bartender will ensure all guests are taken care of and their cups are never empty – or too full!

2. Wellness Event 

No matter the season, reducing stress is important! A wellness focused event is a great way to enhance your company culture and help all attendees feel relaxed and refreshed. Organize wellness activities, such as yoga, Zumba, meditation – or anything else you think will make your staff feel better. 

Work with your company’s healthcare program or commercial partners like meditation apps or fitness programs to provided incentives to help promote mindfulness and healthy habits throughout the year. 

This is a great initiative to ensure employees feel valued and serve as a reminder of why they chose to work for your company.

3. Cocktail Party 

One of the best corporate party entertainment ideas is a cocktail party because it allows staff members to unwind and mingle while enjoying a drink, without being as much of an time commitment.

Make the event even more memorable by renting out an event space and hiring a bartender. But don’t let your guests go home hungry — hire a catering team and a local restaurant to serve delicious appetizers. 

4. Product Launch 

Is your business introducing a new product? Launching your business’s next product with employees and stakeholders is a unique corporate party idea. No only will this help generate excitement for its big release or announcement but it will bring together your teams and clients for a networking event.

A big launch party is a perfect way to celebrate with your staff and congratulate the teams that worked so hard to the project. 

We love working smarter not harde, so if you are working to make sure this is also a networking event. Hiring a brand ambassador from an event staffing company is a fantastic way to promote your new product. With their charisma they can market your product more successfully and get the right teams connected.

Company parties and work parties, foster community among attendees and impress your guests. We hope these ideas inspired you for your next event – what’s been your most successful idea for a work event? 

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No matter your idea for your next company party, we can help make it a success – book our services here.