Bride and groom carrying a wooden sign saying “we eloped” at an elopement wedding

Getting married is one of the biggest and most thrilling days of your life. Whether it’s in your hometown or an elopement wedding in a new city like Los Angeles or New York, it deserves to be special and romantic. 

Even if you decide on an elopement, it still merits planning and preparation. You must make decisions regarding the venue, what to wear, how to make it memorable, and what to do afterward. 

So how do you add special touches to an elopement ceremony? Here are 4 top secrets to elopement planning that you should keep in mind to make sure your big day is unforgettable.

1. Decide on a Budget 

Establishing a budget before you begin planning your special day is the first elopement planning secret. Even though elopements are typically less expensive than large weddings, there are still expenses involved. 

Make sure you and your partner are in touch and agree on a spending cap. Be reasonable with your goals and your budget, and don’t forget to leave some room for unforeseen expenses.

2. Choose the Location 

When someone considers having an elopement wedding, a courthouse might be the first place that comes to mind. However, getting married at a courthouse isn’t for everyone. 

Maybe there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go or that has a special place in your heart. Keeping your budget in mind, choose a location for your elopement wedding that excites you and feels right. 

3. Throw a Post-Elopement Party

You deserve to celebrate once you say “I do,” whether that means having a small ceremony with just the two of you or a luxurious reception with friends and family. 

This item on the elopement planning checklist is a way to share the joy of getting married with family and friends who couldn’t make it to the elopement. You have the option of having it the day following your wedding or even celebrating a year later. 

4. Hire Event Staff 

Once you’ve chosen the date and location for your elopement wedding and reception, you may want to consider entertainment options. This could mean hiring a DJ or hiring event staff like bartenders or caterers.

Bartenders are a fantastic way to liven up your wedding day and make it more enjoyable and special. Additionally, based on the number of guests, you may even consider hiring catering staff to serve treats and appetizers on your elopement day or at your reception. 

How Can Premier Staff Help? 

If your elopement planning checklist is making you stressed or frustrated, we’re here to help. When you hire our wedding elopement planning services from Premier Staff, we will oversee the entire planning of your special day. 

Just because you are elopement doesn’t mean you won’t need assistance! We can provide the staff for a romantic, one-of-a-kind wedding. Our knowledgeable and professional staff will take care of all your needs, from checking in guests on the big day, helping serve food and beverages and even help breakdown if you have tables and chairs set up! Relax and look forward to your elopement. 

We’ll handle every last detail so you can unwind, celebrate, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Whatever your ideal elopement wedding entails, we can make it happen.

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