Top Corporate Party Ideas

Are you looking for an opportunity to celebrate valued clients?

At Premier, we can help showcase your appreciation for your team with an unforgettable corporate party.

With an array of business party ideas, event themes, and entertainment options, we’ll help bring your clients together for a product launch, marketing event, or just a gathering to reward their dedication to your brand.

Here are some of our favorite corporate events that impress guests and create an unforgettable bonding experience.

1. Holiday Party

Who doesn’t love a classic holiday party? There’s nothing like showing your appreciation for your excellent clientele than hosting a party. You can make it an old hollywood theme event, roll out the red carpet and invite your guests to enjoy each other’s company and ring in the holiday spirit.

Don’t get locked in thinking this party must be a Christmas, Hanukah, or New Year’s party. Those are often packed weekends. Think out of the box and plan a signature event for Halloween, Fourth of July, St. Patrick's Day - or anything in between. This is a perfect time to celebrate and put your next product launch or marketing collateral on display.

2. Charity Event & Party

As social causes are becoming more and more popular, a charity event and party is a great way to enhance your company culture and bring awareness to your preferred cause. Choose a community partner like PACE School for Girls, a local teaching farm, or a shelter where you can volunteer and raise money for. Showing you care about your community makes a big impact on your employees and clients while supporting a philanthropic cause!

The best companies strive to make a change in the world, and your company will be proud to celebrate that. Throwing a charity party shows your willingness to give back and make a difference in social causes.

3. Virtual Get-Together

Looking to bring all clients, near and far, together in an immersive way? Are you struggling to find a time, date, and location to throw your next client-focused event? A Virtual Get-Together is always an option and provides more flexibility for the busiest clients. You can have people swing by for panel or gather for a virtual meet and greet. To make the experience even more immersive, you can send a DIY beverage kit or unique gift basket straight to the guest’s doorstep. Getting everyone in on the experience will help make the virtual event more cohesive and fun!

4. Host An Outdoor Event

Have some fun outside! Rent a yacht, set up a scavenger hunt at a cool venue, host a golf tournament, or a garden party. Hosting an outdoor event creates the perfect atmosphere for employees and clients to connect and recharge. Make sure to include a refreshment bar with a signature beverage for the event. Keep your guests entertained with event related games and activities. You can even host a silent auction with fun prizes!If you have various clients coming to your events who haven’t been introduced to each other, hire brand ambassadors to facilitate the activations and interact with your guests. They’ll strike up conversations and share information about your brand and products, while making your guests feel more comfortable and included at your event!

Choose Premier Staff For Your Next Corporate Event

As you are planning to host an in person corporate party, Premier Staff can help make it more streamlined, enjoyable and professional. We provide exceptional service and staff to create a memorable and fantastic business party event.

Whether you need professional bartenders for a holiday party or an experienced catering staff for a banquet, we have got you covered.

Let us help you create the event of your dreams. Ready to start planning your next corporate party? Hire the staff you need here.