A bartender pouring champagne into glasses

Even though a wedding day is all about celebrating the bride and groom, it’s also about giving guests a memorable experience. This often includes a full bar and even a custom cocktail!

If you plan on serving alcohol on your special day, hiring a bartender for your wedding is a must. Not only will they serve up killer cocktails, but they’ll also provide first-rate service at all times. However, there are a few things to consider before hiring a bartender for your wedding if you want your big day to be absolutely unforgettable.

Follow these five tips when renting a bartender for a wedding to ensure you find the best talent!

1. Check With the Venue 

If you’ve reserved a venue, the first thing you should do is confirm that they allow you to hire a bartender for the wedding. For a gathering like a wedding reception, they might already have a bartender available or they might let you supply your own alcohol. 

If there are no restrictions at your venue or if you’re hosting the wedding at home or outdoors, then hiring a bartender is a fabulous decision.

2. Know How Many Bartenders You Need

The last thing you want at a wedding is a long line to the bar. You must determine how many bartenders you need to hire to make sure the bar is staffed appropriately so no guests have to wait for a drink. 

It is recommended to have 1 bartender for every 75-100 guests, we have a resource to help you figure out how many bartenders you’ll need at your event! Keep in mind that the more bartenders you have, the better the service. If you want the bar to be staffed with reliable, professional bartenders, it’s best to hire from a reputable staffing agency like Premier Staff.

3. Make Sure Your Bartenders Are Insured 

Before hiring a bartender for a wedding, whether it be one you already know or one from a staffing agency, make sure they have liquor liability insurance. Bartenders who are qualified and insured have the right to stop serving friends and family in order to protect their safety. 

Considering that you’re throwing a party for all of your loved ones, doing this guarantees that someone will be present to look out for all guests. If the bartender doesn’t have liability insurance and something bad happens, everyone – including you and your spouse – could be sued.

4. Make Sure They Are CA Responsible Beverage Service Certified 

If you need a bartender for a wedding, you should also confirm that they are CA Responsible Beverage Service Certified. According to the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, “Responsible Beverage Service training teaches alcohol servers to responsibly serve alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption and mitigate alcohol-related harm in California communities.” 

With the help of this certification, professional bartenders will be able to recognize overly intoxicated people and effectively deal with them, reducing the harm caused by underage drinking and excessive alcohol consumption.

5. Have a Conversation With the Bartender 

It’s a good idea to evaluate a bartender’s knowledge, experience, and charisma before hiring them to see if they’re a good match. A great way to do this is by requesting a phone call with them so you can really get to know them. On this call, you can discuss specialty cocktails you want to serve or create a specific cocktail to match the personality of the Bride and Groom. 

The bartending team should be able to make any drink you want, whether it’s a simple vodka soda or a sophisticated Moscow Mule. Gauge their experience and expertise. If they indicate they can mix up multiple complicated drinks for 200+ guests with only 1 bartender on staff, that throws a red flag. Additionally, you want to ensure that they are personable and friendly and will add an extra level of fun and entertainment to your special day.

The process of hiring a bartender for a wedding doesn’t have to be difficult. Premier Staff provides superior bartending services in LA and NYC that are truly unmatched. Let our bartenders handle your special day and create a one-of-a-kind cocktail for your wedding!