Bartender Pouring Wine At A Corporate Event

Are you planning to serve alcohol at your next corporate event? While alcohol might encourage employees to unwind and mingle, it can also be detrimental if you don't have the proper staff or proper equipment for the bar at your event.

At Premier, our bartenders offer expert, responsible alcohol service to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

Check out these best practices for serving liquor at your upcoming corporate event to keep your employees safe and your business risk-free.

1. Plan Well

Whether you are organizing a corporate event for your staff or for a client, it should always be thoroughly planned from beginning to end. After all, there’s nothing better than a smooth and successful event.

This means making reservations for a restaurant or event space in advance, and hiring a responsible alcohol service if the venue doesn’t provide any. Plus, it’s always a good idea to provide adequate transportation so your guest can get to and from the event safely.

2. Set an End Time For Your Event

To prevent things from getting out of hand, set a deadline for the event. Setting an early finish time demonstrates that you are presenting a polished and fun social gathering as opposed to a wild party.

If you want your event to be a late night affair add a last call to your event. Ensure the bartender knows the exact cut off time to stop serving drinks. Having a last call at a set time lets your guests know the event is coming to a close.

3. Provide Alcohol-Free Drinks

It’s always important to serve non-alcoholic drinks at a corporate event. Not all of your guests may drink, and some employees could choose not to drink during a work function.

From energizers like Red Bull and soda to fancy mocktails, you can create a diverse non-alcoholic menu. Just like a carefully crafted cocktail, there is an art to a mocktail and your bartender should be able to whip up both with ease. A bartender service can prepare any beverage exactly how you want it!

4. Limit the Amount of Drinks

Nobody wants to be the one who drinks too much at a corporate function. By restricting the number of beverages you offer during a company event, you can lower liability and avoid a serious incident.

To keep your employees safe during the whole event, rely on a responsible alcohol service with bartender licenses.

5. Hire Professional Bartenders

Want to know the simplest way to keep your event classy and under control? Hire professional and trained bartenders with bartender licenses. That’s it! They can handle all of the above and more at your event.

They are skilled at politely but firmly cutting off an extremely drunken guest, craft the perfect cocktail and mocktail, help you come up with a plan for underage guests and more. They may even be happy to come up with a signature beverage for your event!

How Premier Staff Can Help

Are you still trying to figure out how much alcohol you need for your event? Follow these steps and plug your numbers into our easy to use Alcohol Calculator For A Party:

  • Determine the details of your event, such as guest count and estimated number of drinkers
  • Decide what you will serve to your guests and estimate the consumption split
  • Choose the number of bartenders and stations you need
  • Customize your menu

As you plan for your corporate party, Premier Staff’s responsible alcohol service can make it more organized, enjoyable, and memorable.

Our bartenders provide excellent customer service and make alcohol serving a breeze. Hire the staff you need here.

Our clients can also request specific attributes by adding Model Services for any of the event staffing positions we provide.