Young Smiling Girl Promotional Model

Are you looking for help promoting your business at your next conference? Do you need someone who can help you market your products or services at a corporate event? A brand ambassador is just what you need!!

When it comes to brand ambassadors vs models, what’s the difference? You might be surprised. Let’s take a closer look at how brand ambassadors compare to promotional models and who you should choose for your marketing strategy.

What’s a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is an extension of your brand. This is someone who works with your company to represent your brand in a positive light via marketing campaigns and special events.

The person in this position is expected to fully encompass your brand, putting your personality, values and ethics on display with an end goal of increasing brand awareness and bringing in more sales. In most cases, your brand ambassador should have great poise and an energetic personality. The ideal brand ambassador will go out of their way to talk to customers and encourage them to learn more about your products and services.

Examples of responsibilities of a brand ambassador at an event include:

  • Greeting People
  • Managing Lines
  • Sign In Guests

Informing Customers About Products and Services

Examples of industries and events that can use a brand ambassador:

  • Healthcare
  • Cosmetics
  • Liquor Brands
  • Exhibitions

Brand ambassadors can be used for real-time marketing at special events.

What’s a Promotional Model?

A promotional model is someone who is physically attractive and is expected to interact with potential customers at in-person events and get them excited about your brand’s products and services. In most cases, this person has great poise and an energetic personality. At Premier Staff we call Promotional Model, Model brand ambassadors. With our Model Services you can request the specific attributes of your Brand Ambassador.

At Premier you can hire a promotional model or choose model services for any other positions we offer. For example, for our Bartending Services you can choose to add our Model option so you can request the bartender’s attributes and aesthetics for the event.

These are examples of when a promotional model might be a good fit for an event.

  • Distribute Products
  • Increase Foot Traffic
  • Welcome Clients
  • Party Fillers

You can add on Model Services to Any Premier Event Staff

If you need someone to promote your brand then you are looking for one of our experienced Brand Ambassadors. If you want that Brand Ambassador to have certain aesthetic attributes, then our Model Brand Ambassadors are the perfect fit for you! Our clients can also request specific attributes by adding Model Services for any of the event staffing positions we provide. Staffing your event with Model Brand Ambassadors and Model Bartenders can provide a seamless brand, look, feel, to the promotional experience you are looking for.

Where Can I Find a Promotional Model or Brand Ambassador?

If you are in need of a quality brand ambassador, and you are looking for specific attributes or a specific aesthetic, you are in need of one of our Model Brand Ambassadors! Contact us team today and we can help you find the perfect fit for your upcoming marketing campaign or event.

Working with Premier Staff means you will get an experienced team. We will ensure they can be fully trained and informed about your products or services before the event starts.

Are you ready to hire a brand ambassador for your personal brand? Book for your upcoming special event today.