Bartender At Outdoor Event Puring A Mixed Drink

Have you ever been to a special event, such as a wedding or a large corporate party, where you had to wait a long time at the bar? If you have experienced long bar lines, it probably means there weren’t enough bartenders to handle the number of guests.

The bar, perhaps the most important part of any event, should be sufficiently staffed to ensure all guests are celebrating rather than standing in a queue.

So, how many bartenders do you need to run your event? It is advised to have 1 bartender for every 75 guests if you are just serving beer and wine. If you are serving other cocktails, it is recommended to have 1 bartender for every 50 guests.

Let’s take a look at some more specifics to help you determine your bartender to guest ratio!

How Many Bartenders Per Guest?

When figuring out your bartender to guest ratio, consider the drinks you plan to offer and the venue layout.

How many bartenders for 100 guests?
Typically, many venues recommended having 1 bartender for 75-100 guests. However, if you are looking for even better service, we suggest 2 as many guests report that 1 bartender was not enough for 100 people.

How many bartenders for 150 guests?
We advise having a minimum of 2-3 bartenders for guests over 100.

How many bartenders for 200 guests?
You should highly consider having at least 3 bartenders for an event with 200 people to serve your guests in a timely manner. We recommend 4 bartenders if you expect your guests at your event to be heavy drinkers.

How many bartenders for 300 guests?
The best way to ensure your guests enjoy the party is to have 4 bartenders for 250 guests to 300 guests. Remember, it is always better to have extra bartenders than have one rushed off their feet and guests waiting around.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to always discuss your options with your venue or event planner when determining your bartender-to-guest ratio.

How Many Drinks Can a Bartender Serve in One Hour?

If you hire a professional and experienced bartender, they should be able to serve 60-90 drinks in one hour. However, it all depends on the types of drinks you are offering to your guests. The more complicated the drink, the longer it takes to make correctly, even with experienced staff.

For example, if you are serving wine and beer, a bartender will be able to serve those much faster than a specialty cocktail. Some cocktails require multiple ingredients, all taking up some time.

How to Minimize the Bar Line

The goal of having enough bartenders at your event is to limiting the time your guests wait for a drink! That will go a long way in creating a fun, positive experience for all your guests.

Follow these four best practices to limit bar ines at your next event.

  • Hire professional bartenders who have experience making cocktails and excel under pressure.
  • Consider a menu with 2 to 3 options to make it easier for guests to select their drinks.
  • Our Bar Production package offers features like pre-batching cocktails before your event. This speeds up a few of your signature cocktails and the bartender can quickly add the ice, pre mix, and liquor in the glass to alleviate the number of guests waiting in line for a delicious fresh tasting cocktail.
  • Make it a cashless bar to avoid having to give change.

Why Premier Staff

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We offer professional bar production and experienced bartenders who are efficient and skilled in what they do. They will make sure your guests aren’t standing around waiting for a drink and satisfy all their needs. Ready to hire bartenders for your next event? Get started here.