Bartender At Outdoor Event Puring A Mixed Drink

Hiring a bartender for a private party is a great way to elevate your event while reducing some planning stress. From weddings and corporate events to promotional parties and more, booking a bartender can ensure everyone enjoys your special event.

Of course, finding a trustworthy, experienced bartender for a private event is very important.

What to Look For in a Private Bartender

When finding a bartender for hire for a private party, not just any bar service will do. Here are a handful of things to look for in a private bartender.


First things first, you want to hire an experienced bartender. Professional bartenders should know how to make a wide range of classic crafted cocktails while providing exceptional service.


Customer service is another important facet of bartending. Event and wedding bartenders can make or break the bar experience with their energy and attitude. A charismatic, knowledgeable bartender makes sure everyone enjoys the party.


A quality private bartender is also flexible. They should be prepared for slight variations in the number of guests and for any special requests in cocktails.

Additional Services

Consider how much extra work you’d like to do in preparation for your event. A bar package from a private bartender may or may not include things like glassware, ice, and liquor. You may also want the service to include things like set up and clean up to make your life easier – you have enough on your plate!

When you hire a private bartender, many times you’re paying solely for their service. As the client, you would need to provide everything from the setup, alcohol, mixers, and more.

Luckily, another option exists. A full bar production provides all the necessary bar items from ice and mixers to a mobile bar and fresh garnishes. In this scenario, your bartender would come equipped with everything needed for the event. They would also be able to set up and clear the bar at the end of the party.

If you want a completely stress-free experience for your next event, a bar production is the best way to ensure the bar goes off without a hitch.

Find a Bartender With Premier Staff

When it comes to hiring a bartender for your private party, trust us to help.

We only work with highly personable professionals who make your guests feel comfortable while pouring a mean drink. Our bartender will ensure all your guests’ needs are taken care of and be responsible for the setup and breakdown of their station.

With Premier Staff, you can choose to hire a bartender for your basic needs or also include the full bar production.

Find your perfect private bartender for hire with Premier Staff.