An Event Planner Writing In A Calendar To Schedule An Event

The goal of an event planner is to create the most spectacular event imaginable for your event.

This larger goal has so many moving pieces. There is much more to event planning than merely choosing a location and decoration! We’ve seen some excellent event planners save the day when an unexpected issue arises, so you want someone who will have your back through the entire event planning process.

So what does an event planner do? We share some insight into an event planner's tasks and responsibilities - and why this demanding job is so rewarding!

How Event Planners Create the Event Of Your Dreams

What is an Event Planner?

First and foremost, an event planner coordinates all aspects of corporate or private events from beginning to end.

Meeting customers to discuss their needs, maintaining relationships with caterers and vendors, and supervising the preparation, execution, and cleanup of events are all part of the job.

Event planners strive to bring visions to life and create an unforgettable experience. Plus, they take the pressure off of you so you can enjoy the experience of attending your own event.

Event Planner Responsibilities

So what does an event planner do on a daily basis? An event planner must pay close attention to detail in order to successfully organize an event. A good event planner will do the following:

  • Meet with clients to understand the purpose of the event
  • Select a time, location, and budget for the event
  • Request quotes from businesses and service providers
  • Coordinate event services, such as transportation, bartending, or catering services
  • Inspect venues to ensure they exceed client expectations
  • Discuss specifics with on-site staff
  • Oversee all activities to make sure the client and event guests are satisfied
  • Finalize bills and approve payments

Let’s look at what an event planner does for a specific event like a wedding. Wedding planners are godsends to brides as they ensure the wedding day runs as smoothly as possible.

A wedding event planner’s responsibilities include:

  • Understanding the wants and desires of the bride and groom and turning their dreams into reality.
  • They discuss and handle guest count, budget, and must-have services, communicate with vendors, schedule consultations, leading up to the event day.
  • They coordinate every detail of the big day and are onsite to make it completely stress-free for the bride and groom.

What Skills are Required?

Event planners are problem solvers! When a problem arises, they must be able to think quickly. If a supplier falls through or a bartender doesn’t show up, an event planner has to find a solution before anyone notices.

To develop innovative and intriguing concepts that will wow their clients, an event planner has to have the ability to think creatively.

Event planners must have excellent time-management skills and be able to maintain composure under pressure. Adhering to the schedule and paying attention to detail can make all the difference between an average event and a fantastic one.

Never underestimate your event planner! Once you hire them, they’ll handle your event needs with confidence and flawless execution for a successful event.

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