Waiter dressed in professional attire holding a catering tray with champagne

Planning a successful, smooth event is anything but easy, but we know the secret to event success. For a well-organized, flawless corporate event the secret is reliable, trustworthy corporate event staff. 

When you hire professional and experienced staff for your corporate event, you can rest assured your event will go off without a hitch and leave all attendees feeling happy and satisfied. 

A professional corporate event staffing agency like Premier Staff understands what it takes to execute a successful event and how to meet all of your corporate event needs. If you’re looking for exceptional company event staff to pull off a memorable event, you need to consider these 4 things.

Invest in a Skilled Team

When you hire company event staffing for your corporate event, you should ensure they have a skilled team that can carry out the entire project exactly as you had envisioned. There are many different components to a corporate event, so you’ll need team members who can fulfill your needs in each area.

When you hire corporate event staff from Premier Staff, you’ll get a talented manager and a group of highly qualified, dedicated professionals who will complete the task successfully and go above and beyond your expectations. Whether you need corporate event staff for a product launch party, a company conference, or a team-building event, we have a top-notch team that can meet all your requirements.

Find a Diverse Team

Planning any corporate event is a stressful task and you need a team with vision, a team that can problem solve without your help. You’ll need help with the planning, organization, and logistics of the event. You need a diverse team with a variety of skill sets to ensure you can fill all roles for your event. Some of these roles include event planner, event coordinator, and onsite management.

With our corporate event services bundle, you’ll get a programmer to help you put together the entire event schedule and a detailed event plan. A competent coordinator will also be provided to you, who will set up channels of communication, manage logistics, and modify the plan as necessary. On top of that, a manager will be assigned to your event to oversee the entire staff, ensure that all tasks are carried out quickly and effectively, and assist guests on-site.

Understand Food Service Needs

If you’ll be serving food and beverages at your corporate event, you must hire sufficient staff in these areas to ensure the best experience for your guests. You might need to hire the following:

Luckily for you, our corporate event staff team at Premier Staff includes knowledgeable, friendly, and skilled bartenders and caterers who will provide an unmatched level of service and make a lasting impression on your guests.

Look for A Five Star Team with Positive Attitudes

Finally, you’ll want to look for corporate event staff with previous industry experience and good reviews to make sure they’ll get the job done right. You also want to be on the lookout for candidates with outstanding customer service abilities and uplifting attitudes who are passionate about giving their customers wonderful experiences.

At Premier Staff, we have delivered outstanding corporate event staff for a number of luxury brands. For instance, we organized teams for same-day delivery for the Dom Perigon x Lady Gaga COVID Test drop off, and we helped drive foot traffic to Louis Vuitton by handing out VIP entry tickets for their exhibition on Madison Avenue.

It is our goal to put your mind at ease knowing that your event is in excellent hands. Allow our corporate event staff to deliver top-of-the-line service at your next successful event!