Bartender For Hire

Whether you’re looking for someone to keep as a full-time employee or you’re just in need of assistance with an event, taking the time to find and hire a bartender can make a huge difference in the serving experience.


Customers and guests will associate your bartenders with your brand. If a bartender lacks mixology experience or has poor customer service skills, it can mar your reputation. To create a seamless experience at your party, and for your reputation, you need knowledgeable, efficient staff.

Here are the necessary skills to keep in mind when hiring a bartender for an event:

1. Conversational

A top-notch bartender has quality customer service skills and knows exactly how to talk to every type of person who walks up to the bar. They are friendly and can add a little magic to every customer’s experience.

When hiring a bartender, make sure your potential employee knows how to start and finish a conversation while preparing drinksl, and multi-tasking.

2. Knowledgeable and Trustworthy

Your event guests all have different palates and taste preferences, which means they’ll likely order a variety of drinks when they make it to the bar. Your bartender needs to be knowledgeable in mixology and prove their ability to make drinks by memory.

No one wants to walk up to a bar and order a margarita and watch as their bartender fumbles around. Or even worse, to have the bartender slide you a glass full of ice when you asked for a neat Johnny Walker. Understanding different brands and names of liquors, mixed drinks, beers, and wine is a necessity. They also need to be dependable with understanding drink recipes and orders so they can keep guests happy and satisfied.

3. Efficient with Time

There’s no telling when the bar will be busy or slow, and your bartender needs to understand this. Make sure your potential bartender can make drinks accurately and efficiently, even when the line gets crazy.

Your bartender should also understand that they should be working on other responsibilities (like cleaning) when the bar area is empty. Not only will this help you make the most of your employees, but having tasks to do can keep your staff engaged and happy!

4. Well Organized

Events can get hectic, especially when food and beverages are involved. Hire a bartender for your party with organizational skills to keep up with the madness and keep a streamlined workflow. They should be capable of thinking clearly even in the middle of a service storm.

5. Patient

Regardless of the size of your event, serving patrons alcohol calls for a sliver of patience no matter what. Your bartender must have the poise and attitude to serve those who are under the influence, and make decisions when things get out of hand.

How to Find a Bartender

Are you in need of a quality bartender for hire, but you’re not sure where to start your search?

At Premier Staff we can help you find the perfect fit for your upcoming event that’ll turn heads and make a positive impression.

Our highly trained and qualified bartenders know everything about mixology and customer service, so you can feel comfortable and confident that guests will grab a great drink and have an unforgettable experience.

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