Why did we start Premier Staffing?2022-12-12T19:56:23-08:00

Because we LOVE events and we LOVE good service! Our passion makes it easy for us to identify what a client wants and needs down to the very last detail. The staffing industry as a whole is rather transactional and we wanted to improve upon this. We wanted a place where our team members felt acknowledged and were provided with an empowering environment to develop professional leadership skills. This allows us to provide unparalleled service.

What are your uniform options?2022-12-13T16:18:18-08:00

We provide several options for uniforms including black button up, white button up, and custom requests. Some of our clients provide branded outfits or ask for unique requests which they can provide or pay us to order for them.

How much lead time is needed to select models?2022-12-13T16:20:13-08:00

Premier Staffing can provide castings within as little as 1 week of an event. The sooner you are able to book, the bigger the selection of models we will be able to provide.

How do you vet candidates?2022-12-13T16:18:42-08:00

Premier Staff candidates undergo an extensive vetting process. We only hire about 15% of our applicants. This number is actually high because we are a fast-growing company. We do require some prior experience relating to the positions applicants apply for. Additionally, we look for people who show they take initiative, have a positive attitude and display leadership qualities. This is very important for a proactive team. Vetted applicants undergo two interviews with our upper management team before being considered.

Are your staff covered under insurance?2022-12-12T18:52:20-08:00

Yes, our staff are fully insured including workers’ compensation, liquor liability, general liability and umbrella policies.

How are your bartenders vetted?2022-12-13T16:18:48-08:00

We hand-select bartenders from some of the best venues in town. All applicants are then required to pass a challenging written exam to verify their drink knowledge. If they pass the exam, they attend an in-person testing day to show off their skills.

Do you provide custom rates for recurring clients?2022-12-12T18:39:32-08:00

Yes, please call for additional information.

Do I have to put a deposit down?2022-12-09T13:38:24-08:00

Yes, 100% of the payment is due 2 weeks before the event date

How far in advance do I need to request the staff?

We recommend at least 3 weeks or more for large events and 1-2 weeks or more for smaller events.  Depending on the proximity of your event to our two main ‘hub cities’, Hollywood & Manhattan, we can accommodate midsize bookings often within 1 week.  We also can accommodate same-day requests for an additional fee.

Does your team hire models staff?

Yes we have model staff as an option. You are able to request any specific attributes when booking for an additional fee.

Are tips required?

Tipping our team is not required

What is your team’s aggregated show up rate for events

90 – 100% of our team will arrive. If we have a team member call off for an emergency we are proactive about finding a replacement.

Does Premier charge a service fee?

No our pricing is a flat rate, there is no hidden fees

What is a captain?

Captains (managers) lead our teams when we have 5 or more people booked. Captains go through an internal 6-week leadership program during which they have extensive hands-on training from different event managers to learn all of their responsibilities. Offsite we facilitate additional training on necessary topics such as the fundamentals of leadership, communicating with clients, etc. At the end of the 6 weeks program, we review the trainees and determine if they are a fit for the Captain position.

What’s the benefit of having a captain?

Captains are responsible for keeping our team organized and prepared throughout the event. They will act as the point person for our team.

Does Premier help with setup and clean up?

Yes we encourage our clients to use our team to help with setup and clean up

What is a Brand Ambassador

A Brand Ambassador is someone who will represent your brand on the floor and help engage with guests.

Does Premier have a minimum for events?

Yes we have a 5 hour minimum for every position booked.

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